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How is everybody going?
Long time no see guys. I would like to start off by saying that I really do miss this server and the awesome community that made it so great. It would be cool to see how you are all going as we haven't spoke in a while. Its been years since I first joined, and I have met a lot of truly good people on here. I was going to mention the names of all those who made an impact, but I fear that I may accidentally leave people out, as so many of you have contributed to such a memorable experience. I could make a number of excuses as to why I have not come on, but to get straight to the point, I have been really busy as of late and have not found the time. Plus after years of playing this great game, I am kinda burnt out, so I may need a little while before the magic is rekindled. Looking back, I remember when I first joined on the second MFC map, with Moparx in his usual generous fashion, assisting me greatly by awarding me with an abandoned house to fix up and utilise as my first base. I then expanded said base and built a small town plus a bunch of other projects with some good friends (ChrisJSS, Obidogkenobi, Jakehu10). I also worked with many others on various projects and we built many cool things over the space of both the second and third worlds. My various personal bases, Mintyanapolis, the fishing charter (1 and 2), Desert Casino, Wool farm, race track tower, various peoples bases and other group projects, ect, ect. One thing I would like to ask is, how is the server going? I really do hope its all running well. I wish the best of luck to everyone on their future endeavours, have a prosperous, healthy and happy life. I'm certainly not signing out for good, as I would love to return one day. Having said that, it would be fantastic if we all got together one day for a reunion, in whatever way we possibly can.

Kind regards,

[Image: eJzzzUzOSEzNSS8pqig11HUqzcxJSS3i8s3MK6l0...IcIHc~.png]
MintyFreshCreepering Since 1972!
Hey Mike,
We miss you as well and in answer to your question the server is doing the same as it has for the last few months.

Feel free to pop in to chat (and/or play) anytime if you want. Don't be a stranger. Smile

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