Last Revision: 09/23/2018

  1. Please use common sense and act in a polite and mature manner.
  2. No griefing, stealing, or cheating (e.g., x-ray, exploits, etc.)
  3. No Gold, Iron, or Hostile mob tower/grinders on the server.
    • Small dungeon spawner based XP farms are allowed.
  4. Please refrain from doing things that can cause lag on the server (e.g., having more than 100 mobs in your area, constantly running redstone clocks and contraptions, etc.)
  5. Please tear down all floating tree tops and unused 1x1 pillars
  6. Have lots of fun!

Maintaining your Whitelist access:

We would like to see that you maintain a certain degree of activity on our server in order to retain your whitelist status.

  • You may be removed from the whitelist after two months of unannounced inactivity. If you are removed, you will be required to reapply again when you return.
  • Your base will remain untouched until your inactivity is considered excessive. At which point there is a possibility that it could be given away and/or removed if another active player expresses interest in claiming the area for their own project.