Join us today!


For your protection please do not use the same password as your Minecraft account if registering an account on Discord.

  1. Make sure that you have completely read and understand our simple Server Rules. You are responsible for knowing what they are and breaking them may result in losing access to our community.
  2. Join our Discord server and enter the #whitelist-applications channel.
  3. Copy the following whitelist application template, fill out the information, and send it to the channel:

    Minecraft username:


    What is your time zone?

    How often would you be able to play on the server?

    How did you discover our community?

    Tell us about yourself and why you want to join our community:

    I have read all the rules and agree to follow them:

  4. Wait patiently for your application to be reviewed. All accepted applications will receive a response generally within a day.

New players are subject to a trial period that generally lasts a week which allows us assess your suitability for our community.

A few notes:

  1. We offer a form-based application for those who do not wish to use Discord. However, it is not checked as frequently and for faster response we would encourage you to apply via Discord.
  2. We do have a 14 and above age limit for our server. However, if you are younger and have someone on the server who can vouch for you we will consider letting you in provided you can act in a mature manner.
  3. We will be checking your user name and any name changes against all current global ban systems and through Google.

We will not accept your application if you have were banned from another server for Griefing, Cheating (X-Ray, Hacked Clients, Glitches, etc.), Spamming, or Racism in the last two years.