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Vanilla-style Survival gameplay with protections

We are your good old fashioned semi-vanilla server.

While our core gameplay is Survival, we do have a handful of plugins installed (mostly for anti-grief purposes such as land protection & rollbacks) and a simple /home and /spawn plugin for those who wish to use it.

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Long Lasting and Adult Operated

Join with the knowledge that our community isn’t going to close up shop just as you are settling in.

There are not many servers around that are twelve years old. We also do not take donations.

A Safe, Mature, and Friendly community

Minecraft is so much more fun with friends!

We strive to offer a fun and relaxing experience and would love to see you become a part of all the fun.

Join a community of mature (for the most part) and likeable players who love to play Minecraft with each other.

Latest News

Server updated to Minecraft 1.20.4

The server has now been updated to Minecraft 1.20.4.

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