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What is your most anticipated feature coming in 1.9?
What is your most anticipated feature (or features) within the upcoming 1.9 release?

I think I'll be using the dual-wielding the most out of everything. It should be super useful.
The ability to respawn the dragon is going to be lots of fun as well.
Yeah, dual wielding definitely. Placing torches while mining is gonna be a lot easier.
It's funny how axe handles are made of wood.
It's like the ultimate 'Fuck you' to trees.
Yes, they have axes in Canada.
I cannot wait for the wings and because I live in the mountains they will be very fun
Ya, the wings are going to be useful as well.
This is assuming they actually release 1.9 right? lol
Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives?
The Mythical 1.9: A Land of Possibly Non-Existent Wonders!

But in all reality, I look forward to dual wielding. Such a pain in the butt to move from pick to torch and pick to torch when mining...
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...except creepers. Screw em.
Elytra are AWESOME!
i can't wait to throw myself off a cliff, and then i am suddenly gone into the air, free of the sins that ground me (tldr the elytra yell heah)
*fades off into screaminggg

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