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Realistic Minecraft.
Some Mods that I simply love that help make Minecraft more realistic.

GLSL Shaders - It adds Waving Wheat, DoF, World Curvature, Toon Shader, and some other stuff. (1fav)

MAtmos - It adds more realistic sounds, such as bird noises when you are in a forest and other noises. Think Minecraft's too quiet? This mods is perfect for you! (3fav)

Water Shader - Adds water reflections. (4fav)

Dynamic Shadows - Adds very realistic shadows to Minecraft! This mod can cause a major drop in FPS if you are currently struggling in lag currently this mod is DEFINITELY not recommended. (2fav)

I hope you enjoy these mods that I have presented to you ^.^

Dynamic Shadows:

.png   MAtmos.png (Size: 27.84 KB / Downloads: 126)
Water Shader
dude thats ugly as hell. Check this out.
[Image: oZT1Jlw.jpg]
what the crap was that dazzy
[Image: forums+logo.jpg]
Did someone microwave your computer?
They should so combine these into a mod pack! It would fry your PC but it'd be worth it...
[Image: oZT1Jlw.jpg]
A resurrection of 5 hours? lol
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...except creepers. Screw em.
Another resurrection of 19 hours? lol

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