Server updated to Minecraft 1.15.2

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The server has now been updated to Minecraft 1.15.2. Let us know if you notice any bugs and I hope to see you all soon!

1.15.2 Version Changes:

  • Oak and birch saplings grown with a flower 2 blocks away within a 535 area centred on the sapling has a 5% chance to generate a bee nest on the side of the tree.
  • Bees are no longer angered when a nearby nest/hive is destroyed using a Silk Touch tool.
  • The texture of the horse armor slot in the horse GUI has been changed to reflect the current horse armor textures.
  • Bee nests now have a 2% chance to spawn in flower forests and a 0.2% chance to spawn in forest, wooded hills, birch forest, tall birch forest, birch forest hills, and tall birch hills biomes.
  • Added a legal disclaimer when clicking the multiplayer button from the main menu: a new information screen informs the player that “Online play is not rated”.

For a full list of changes please read the 1.15.2 Version History.