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Full Version: [Build Log] Moparx's World #5 Base
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I figured I'd start a build log of all my current projects on the server.
It's slightly late in the game as I have a few things built already, but I have a bunch of large scale builds still in planning. Smile

The first build I made in my area.

My house and auto furnace.


My farms.

Current Projects:

Although I started my base with a more medieval feel to it, my current projects are more Roman in feel.

This build is close to completion. I have it going up to near my base and I just have to decide on what I want to connect it to and if I want to branch it off any where.
The Aqueduct took a long time to build despite its simplistic look.

Horse Arena
I just started this project recently and have only really started the ground work on it so far.
Horse Arena Update:

I ended up extending the track so that things would look better as it seemed too short initially.
Currently playing around with how I want the seating, etc to look.