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What are you currently listening to?
Trash80 - Missing You

Nofx - the Idiots are Taking Over
Rancid - Junkie Man
Dropkick Murphys - Spicy Mchaggis
Dropkick always puts me in a good mood!
Operation Ivy - Freeze Up
Lesser know, but still hasn't lost its charm. The whole album is great (the only one they made)

Hmm... must be my punk playlist on Smile

At the very least give Dropkick and NOFX a try, they both have had great long careers and you would be hard pressed to find a bad album by either.

I don't normally like much rap. But I love this one.
[Image: mca.png]
Nine Inch Nails and...

^ Songs used for the Labyrinth Vids Wink
(Orchard of Mines=my favorite of them)
[Image: IprcQs.png]

Listen to them all!
[Image: IprcQs.png]
Don't be fooled by the scary's only a small frame that was unluckily the thumbnail.

[Image: banner_56.png] [SSSS]
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream
Ohhhhh!! everyone go to this its aweseome musics!!!

(my little pony remix techno!)
I'm laughing my ass off to:
a strong language video which i don't know if I can post that here.
I'm listening to:
Framing Hanley - Lollipop
Wretches and kings - linkin park
How could this happen to me - Simple Plan
Evan blues - Erase my Scars

and i'm dying of cuteness at:
^^^ Is so cute, five bucks says you will care.
[Image: eJwLLinKLEittLRQ0FVwyi_KU0hUSEpMSSwu5nLO...8FH_c~.png]
Comparing: &

Funny because they are both totally the opposite types of music from each other yet i enjoy them both as much as each other.
[Image: mich3alx.png]

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