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Hello again
Hey guys. Been a while.
Thought I'd jump on again for old times sake, see how you all are getting on, how things have changed. Not going to apply again because I'm currently having a fairly stressful time at school so I wouldn't have the time, but I was looking through all my posts reminiscing all the great times but also cringing at who I used to be  D'oh!  But I also wanted to say thank you, this great community always made me feel at home during some hard times when I didn't feel like I was really needed or wanted anywhere else. I had a good time here, and who knows, maybe I'll come back and reapply someday. But thanks for looking after me all those years, but especially, thanks for the memories. Hopefully more in the future. 
(except significantly more grown up than the 11 year old I left as  Tongue)
Great to see you again. Smile

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