Poll: Why Don't You Play Much at this Time?
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1 25.00%
Bored with the World
2 50.00%
Other, explained in comments:
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Poll: What Would Make You Play More?
Hey guys, I've realized that a lot of people don't play a ton, anymore. I'm just wondering what keeps people from coming on to the server, when I see some of you on Steam, clearly with nothing better to do lol

I put a poll in for some reasons why you might not be playing, but feel free to leave a comment on why you're not around as much!
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I haven't for the past few months due to being busy. I've been leaning away from all video games together because I will be going to college next year and won't have time anyway. However, over the summer and the few months before August I wasn't really interested. I know I can speak for Scorch too. We have built multiple cities, houses, everything and we are bored. We have tons of materials and resources and there's nothing to really do other than collect; which we don't need to do. I probably am not playing anymore, but that's just what happened with me and Scorch. I know he still gets on sometimes but he just mines for a while then gets off. Maybe a world reset would help, but I'm not really playing anyway so it doesn't affect me. Just thought I would answer to this in case others are in the same boat. <3

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