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My time of MFC so far.
Hey everyone, I'm SaiyanHybrid on Mfc as most people know and this is my story.
I wanted to tell it because I find pride in being on this server.

This may be long so stick around  Wink . 

I joined MFC in late august of 2011, and became a citizen in October of 2011. A friend showed me Minecraft and MFC the same day, and even though we didn't speak that much after I have to thank him for showing me this great game and server. Around that time I was going into 8th grade and had a falling out with a group of friends I was close with, not to mention the amount of name calling I was getting during school, so middle school has probably been the shittiest part of my life so far. The reason I want to say this is that during this period of time Minecraft and MFC were a constant joy in my life and that strengthened my connection with them. When I joined the server and had been playing on it for a couple months I met a lot of fun people (Moparx of course, Assad89, Mikeioto, Mjaal, Malchious, Alzvile and his group, and many more i cant come to think of sorry). In the old world I created Whiterun (yes name from skyrim, I was 14 give me a break) and was trying so hard to make it a city. I also had the idea from caboozel and Dazzy that I should make a new city in a better and less torn up area of the map, and named that area that eventually became a city, Heavensreach. I also had friends from my school that I still hang out with today. As time has gone on my interest in Minecraft has not been as it was when I first started but because of the connection I have with this server I never was away for too long. We reset the world in December of 2013 and by then I was in 10th grade, with really only 2 IRL friends still playing on here. This world I have made a large area with my friends OfficialDomoKing and JosephDBS and have lived there on the server ever since. Now in February of 2016, with most of my friends on here and IRl not playing on MFC, I just wanted to look back on the almost 5 years i have played on MFC and say thank you. 

I have not had a hard life at home or any terrible events happen to me, but I still have depression and social anxiety. MFC has been one of the best ways to get past whats wrong in my head. 

I am now a Senior in High school and have been accepted to my #1 choice for college so when I start in august, I don't know if I will have as much time to play on here. ( Sharing my personal info does not bother me and I am sorry if asking about others sounds weird, I just like knowing about people and there lives.)

So if you read this far, I want to say thank you for listing to my story and thank you for making this server so great.

Lastly some may say that items and mobs in minecraft and friends I make on here don't matter (myself a couple years ago included) but in some aspect they all are.

Just because I cant touch the 1's and 0's of items and stuff in minecraft doesn't mean they aren't something I'm proud of. 
Just because I can't meet you guys doesn't mean I don't know you and have had great times with you (no homo).

Again Thanks for making my life better MFC, in such a Fresh and creepy way  Blush .


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Thanks for being an integral part of our community all these years. Heart
Thanks for posting this, it was really nice.  Glad you got into college!
Great post buddy! Congratulations on getting into your first choice!
(02-20-2016, 12:33 PM)red_warrior77 (no homo). Wrote: Damn.

Has it really been that many years?  Pain Shock

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A wild Dazzy has appeared...
Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives?
Good to see you red. I feel much the same about MFC and the great community it is. Can also sympathise with middle school/Highschool actually being one of the worst parts of life, Im going through what you did right now, never felt so down Sad.

Congrats on college though!


It has been too damn long, I miss this old server.
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MintyFreshCreepering Since 1972!
Thanks for sharing!

MFC's pretty sweg.
Good post, somehow still find myself here. Good luck Red!
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(10-27-2016, 01:43 AM)AlzVile Wrote: Good post, somehow still find myself here. Good luck Red!

Talk about a blast from the past! How's it going, AlzVile?

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