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Competition! Worst enchantment deals ever!
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Have you ever saved up levels to enchant your weapons, tools or armour and you've been totally ripped off. Well this competition will be to see who has got the worst deal in the history of minecraft.

To start this off I saved up 27 levels on mfc and then enchanted a diamond sword with it and all I got was knock back 1 Angry
Beat that guys!
[Image: eJzzzUzOSEzNSS8pqig11HUqzcxJSS3i8s3MK6l0...IcIHc~.png]
MintyFreshCreepering Since 1972!
30 lvl for kb 1
[Image: mca.png]
Level 30 and Unbreaking III on a diamond pickaxe
Does someone need a hug? (っ◕‿◕)っ
30 levels for bane of arthropods I
Bane of Arthropods 1 after lvl 30 = impossibru.

Got Punch 1 off lvl 30 bow enchant once tho Tongue
30 Levels on a server I played once. The server lagged while I was enchanting. 30 levels gone, no enchantment, and my diamond sword disappeared. Worst enchanting experience ever.
Level 30. I put in a diamond sword and got back a stick.
That makes no sense
Level 30 smite 1 diamond sword XD
1st i got efficiency 4, then i got unbreaking 3 and then got efficiency again -_- all on level 30 btw

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