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So sad...
#1's message about the outage:

.png   Screen shot 2012-10-22 at 4.14.38 PM.png (Size: 24.29 KB / Downloads: 73)

It's cool that Minecraft is big enough to warrant mention on the outage articles though -
I thought the Cloud was supposed to save everyone and prevent this from ever happening again!
It's all about distribution churched. Some are better than others at that, but they all have some pain points. I was surprised just how long it took Amazon to recover though.
what are we talking about? Clouds? IS it like raining somewhere or something?
Oh I know, I had my sarcasm hat on. With any high profile service that has a 99% up time its the end of the world when they do actually go down. I do think it is funny that we went from mainframes, to PCs and now back around to distributed computing. Whats old is new again.

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