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Good Bye
This is not an unban me thread. I am writing this to say that I am sorry and I deserved my ban. I should have looked more carefully at the rules. Good bye all and I hope you all the best of luck! Your friend E10HCPHeart

I would like my stuff to go to these people:

1. The other house that was for a user name emmag1234 should go to her.
2. Bobby should get all rights to my sheep farm for being a good friend
3. Jeremy200160 should get my house and items. He is a good friend of mine and I see him often.

ps can I keep my /home for Jeremy and can you inivite him to it
Hey, I feel your pain, buddy. See you round.
[Image: o7lled.png]
What'd he do?
malchious13 Wrote:Learn to use WASD cuz its gonna be a lot more useful than bitching.

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