Contribute to the Minty Fresh Creepers Server Fund.

The Minty Fresh Creepers' Minecraft server requires monetary contributions in order to stay running. While I can generally foot the bill, it will not be possible for me to do so all the time.
If you enjoy our community, please contribute to our server fund to help pay the bills. Even a contribution of a few dollars is helpful in the long run.

NOTE: If you are an Entrant, you still need to finish your one week period before your status will be updated.

Amount Benefit
$ 10+ You receive a special rank within the game, 100 Mints (in-game currency) per dollar, and a warm fuzzy feeling for helping the server.
$ 1+ 100 Mints (in-game currency) per dollar and a warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you have helped the community out.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you include the name of your Minecraft account.

NEW PLAYERS: If you are a new player (Entrant), you will not recieve your Donator status until after your week trial period is over.